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B/FRM Youth Mensans & Families: YM Family Night – Pizza & Games on Sunday, November 12, 4 – 6 pm :-)

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Boulder is #1 ‘Brainiac’Concentration in Country :-) “Boulder is full of smart people and actually has a higher concentration of brainiacs than any other city in the United States, according to a new report from Bloomberg. Bloomberg put Boulder in the top spot on its ‘Brain Concentration Index’ list. Boulder’s score of 99.15 beats out well-known Silicon Valley tech hubs like San Francisco and San Jose. . .”

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Fun monthly dinner at the Afghan Kabob, 9/19/17 – on International Talk Like A Pirate Day! :-)

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Bruce R. and Geoff L. strike a pose. Charlene D. and Linda V. grin. Bruce R. Chris C. and Jim S. show their Talk like a Pirate Day spirit John P. and VeraLouise P. smile together Mark L. and Dave O. strike a pose. Steve W. and Arlene L. enjoy the evening. Mark L. Bruce R. wins the Skald! Steve W. gives the Skald quiz

October’17 MUSE notice of Joe Connell’s passing:

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0. LocSec Lament.1

It is with a sad heart that I tell you that Joe Connell died unexpectedly last weekend 9/17/17. He is gone. Goodbye good buddy, old friend – we’ll miss your sharp wit, your steel trap mind, your good humor, your playfulness and your loyal friendship. R I P

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1/18/10 Joe Connell at Rib house 6/19/17 John and Joe at Oskar Blues, Longmont 6/17/17 Carina, Joe, Chris and Tom at Boulder Creek Picnic 3/21/17 Conor O'Neill's dinner 7/20/16 at Joe Connell's Mountain Chalet 6/11/16 Dalin Gayle, Joe Connell and Wayne Dize at B/FRM Roast Pig Picnic 9/21/15 JRS, DG and JRC at Oskar Blues, Longmont 6/20/15 JRC bringing ice at B/FRM 4th annual Picnic at Fine Park, Boulder 5/18/15 at Oskar Blues, Lyons 5/5/15 3 wild and crazy Guy Fawkes' at JRC’s (WD, JRS, JRC) 12/17/14 JRC new plane (Xmas card) 7/24/13 pistol target shooting at Dize Farm (near Frederick, CO) 7/24/13 pistol target shooting at Dize Farm (near Frederick, CO) 7/2/13 Pastafarian Pool Sharks JRS, JRC, WD 4/13/13 Dinner at Murphy's, Boulder 4/13/13 Dinner at Murphy's, Boulder 4/13/13 Dinner at Murphy's, Boulder 12/11/12 Joe Connell Christmas Card 10/15/12 Dinner at Sink 7/24/12 Sake Pool tournament 12/12/11 Joe and Sarah 5/14/11 Joe, Jim and Wayne at BFRM Pizza party Open House at JRS's 8/23/11 'No Lifeguard at a Pool Table' 2/22/11  The 3 Ministers (Wayne Dize, JRS, Joe Connell) at JRC's 2/19/11 JRS, JRC at BFRM ExCom meeting at JRC's 1/4/11 JRC in Clubbed Baby Seal Hat and River Otter Coat 12/10/10 JRC and biplane Sarah over Flatirons (Xmas card) 12/7/10 Mountain Chalet Pool Gang 11/23/10 Wayne Dize with WW2 British Navy aiguillettes 9/20/10 BFRM award to PPS at Hapa Sushi, Boulder 9/20/10 BFRM dinner at Hapa Sushi, Boulder 8/15/10 ExCom mtg show and tell 6/23/10 Joe Connell w/Sara at Vance Brand Airport, Longmont 4/6/10 JRC, Dize, JRS at JRC’s 4/6/10 JRS , Dize, Connel  at Pool Tournamernt at JRC's 1/18/10 Joe Connell at Rib house 10/13/09 JRC and his plane Sarah Early photo of ‘scary' Ranger Joe R. Connell in a swamp

Join the Team – Elections coming – voting at 12/18/17 Dinner :-)

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3. Upgrade.Officers4. WebMaster.Opening

Highlights of Sept. 9th ExComm and Pizza Party :-)

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1. ExComm.Highlights

Goodbye, Old Friend :-)

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2. Cassini.RIP

Fun August Dinner at The Gondolier Monday 8/28/17 :-)

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GOOD THINGS GO TOGETHER! Tues. 9/19/17 :-)

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B/FRM Monthly DINNER (Afghan Kabob, 1975 W 120th Ave, Westminster) AND
International TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY are BOTH happening Tues. 9/19/17 (+ eye-patch door prizes).
.pg1.BFRM Pirate Talk.17.FBpagepg.2.BFRM Pirate Talk.17.FBpage