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Rio Grande, Tuesday, Aug. 18th

August 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

We’re doing that dinner thing again on Tuesday.  That thing where we eat food and (gasp) SOCIALIZE.  This is a thing that humans do.  If we want to fit into the larger culture, we need to embrace the customs of the populace and not let them know about our plans for world domination.  Save the maniacal rants and death rays until the day when we emerge from our underground lairs with our armies of giant armored squid and talking wildebeests.  Soon, people, soon.  Patience.

This month’s attempt to subtly assimilate ourselves into surface-dweller society will take place at The Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant (The Rio). 1101 Walnut St, Boulder, CO 80302.  Phone: (303) 444-3690.

Socializing and drinks start at 5:30.  We’ll sit down at 6:00 and order food at 6:30.  At some point Kim will pass on the Exalted Skald.  And there will be much rejoicing (Yay).

Here is what the miserable above-grounders who run this establishment have to say for themselves: We hope you’ll agree that we serve up the best dang margaritas and from-scratch Mexican food this side of the Rio Grande, all in an atmosphere that makes you forget why you needed an escape in the first place.  Ha!  So they will attempt to wipe our memories in order to keep us imprisoned, with the lure of delectable food.  They will not find us so easy to subjugate.  Let us show these surfacelings how “margaritas” (whatever those are) are consumed.