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Dinner August 19th

July 29, 2013 in Dinner, Latest, News

My minions have informed me that the next dinner will be at Trattoria on Pearl on Monday, August 19th.

That’s at:
1430 Pearl St.
Boulder, 80302
the map

Yes, once again it will be time to come down from our floating space-platforms and emerge from our secret underground lairs to astonish the world with SCIENCE!

All right, all right, I know that not every Boulder Mensa member is a mad scientist who routinely distorts the laws of physics and creates abominations of nature on the sly.  But, dammit, they should be.

I mean, come on, people, we’ve got all this functional grey matter and what are we supposed to do with it if not RULE THE TEEMING MASSES WITH AN IRON FIST?

Harumph.  No imagination in this crowd, I tell you.  Well, then, excuse me while I adjust my medication…

There.  All better.  Now everything is dull and gray and I’m all prepared for “dinner” without a single mind-control device or death ray in sight.  (Well, maybe one or two…)

Anyway, here’s the blurb and here’s the menu. Contrary to what anyone tells you, ordering one of each item will not earn you special bonus points unless you’re planning to share.

Tucked into the east end of the Pearl Street Mall, Trattoria
(which means “neighborhood Italian café”) on Pearl features
traditional dishes from Italy, each with chef/owner Guillermo
Casarrubias’s personal flair for culinary artistry.

The usual yadda yadda:
Gathering, drinks and socializing start at 5:30.  We get seated at 6 and order dinner around 6:30.  The skald will be given away at the culmination of some sort of arcane ritual that has yet to be devised.  It might resemble a trivia contest.  Bring books to share or some other form of entertainment with which to start a conversation.  Friends and family are welcome, except for that one relative of yours who is always, like, in my face about her colonoscopy.  Leave her at home.

See you there!

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