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Dinner Monday, June 17

June 15, 2013 in Dinner

Yes, all us smart people are getting together again to do that thing that sapient beings do: eat.  It’s smart to eat.  Really helps to stave off the hunger pangs, y’know?

So, this month’s location for that strange Mensa ritual we call “eating” is the Longmont Rib House. They’re at 1920 South Coffman Street, Longmont CO 80504. Phone: 303-485-6988.

Socializing, drinks and plots for world domination start at 5:30.  We’ll sit down at 6:00 and order food at 6:30.  And they will bring it to us.  Oh yes, they will bring us food.

If you’ve ever seen a nice, plump four-legged creature walk by and thought about how tasty it would be to sink your teeth into its side and chew the delicious meat off its ribs, you’re in luck.  The nice thing that they do at the rib house is that the meat will have already been killed and cooked, saving you much of the trouble.  I hear there’s even this thing called “rib sauce.”

(For those of you who prefer not to chew on delicious creatures, there are plenty of vegetarian options available.  You won’t get the same flesh-rending feeling, though.)

Here’s their official blurb:

In search of the Great American Dream, Merry Ann and Tracy Webb, born and raised in the BBQ capital of Kansas City, MO, moved to Longmont, CO in 1989. For the next 12 years, they
searched for the true Kansas City style BBQ.  Hence, The Rib House was born on July 5th,
2001 in Longmont, CO. The two decided Colorado needed to have authentic Kansas City/Colorado Barbeque. Colorado has never been famous for Barbeque, until now!

Which doesn’t mean they’re not aliens with a secret hidden agenda, but at least the ribs should be good.

In other news, Jim will be passing on that pointy hat thing we call the Exalted Skald.  Get ready to answer some trivia questions.

All current and former members, plus their family and friends, are welcome.  Bring books to trade if you’ve got ‘em.  Oh, and that mind-control device you’ve had sitting in the garage and have been dying to try out, only to find yourself with a lack of willing test subjects?  As long as it fits inside a briefcase, feel free.  I’m sure we’ll be able to convince some of the other patrons to give it a go.

Monday, Longmont.  After that, the world.  Bwaaaaahahahaaa.

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