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Annual Picnic June 8

June 2, 2013 in News

What, when & where:

Boulder/Front Range Mensa 2nd Annual Picnic
10am – 2pm, June 8, 2013
Eben G. Fine Park, Boulder (3rd & Arapahoe)


This year the picnic will be catered by Mustard’s Last Standwith hot dogs, brats, and vegetarian sausage (it’s Boulder; get over it).  Bring games, frisbees, water toys and/or hiking boots.  Eben G. Fine park rests alongside Boulder Creek and is a short hike from Settler’s Park and the Boulder Red Rocks.  There will be an ExComm (Executive Committee) meeting starting at 10:30.  Food arrives at 11:30.

Q & A:

What about alcohol?
None will be provided, although you can BYOB if you like.

Are kids and family members welcome?
Absolutely.  Unless it’s that weird cousin of yours who likes to flash people in the park.  You know the one I mean.

Will certain members be dining on a delicacy of pig’s brains again?
Unlikely, because A) there will be no roast pig this year and B) a bunch of us were really grossed out by that.  Seriously.  So, um… yeah.

What if I’m not a member of Mensa yet?
Come on down.  We’re not going to subject you to the Stanford-Binet before we let you hang with us.  We only do that at our SECRET meetings.  The ones where we plot world domination and build giant armies of man-eating clams.

What if I get lost on the way to the park?
Just ask the nearest hominid if they’ve seen a group of people who exude intelligence and charm, and whose brain cases are 3x bigger than everyone else’s.  Then, run the other way, because those are aliens.  If all else fails, follow the directions below.


From Highway 36/28th Street:
Hwy 36 turns into 28th street as it goes through Boulder.  Take 28th to Arapahoe, then take Arapahoe West, towards the mountains.  You will cross Broadway, then 9th.  Continue West until you see a small sign on the right that says “Eben G. Fine Park.”  There will be a driveway on the right that takes you down to a small parking lot, and beyond the driveway is further parking along the upper edge of the park.

If you miss the park, you’ll get dumped out onto Canyon Rd., so, slap forehead, circle round and try again.

Google Map to the park.

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