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New Web Site

February 25, 2013 in Latest, News

Welcome to the beta version of Boulder / Front Range Mensa’s new web site!

This site offers a number of improvements over the old one.  While retaining all of our old content, we’ve added groups, discussion forums, activity streams, and the ability to create your own posts and comments.  While not 100% complete, it’s ready for you to jump in and start playing!

If you’re a current member of Boulder / Front Range Mensa, log in with your username from the old site, and use your Mensa member # as your password.  You can then change your password on your profile page.

Why the change?

The old website was built on a content management system called Joomla, which I have found extremely hard to maintain — which is why things like photos haven’t been updated in several months.  (Can you say TEDIOUS?)

Enter WordPress.  Wordpress rocks.  I take back every bad thing I ever said about wordpress when it was in earlier stages of development.  As a mature, easy-to-use content management system with tons of plugins, it’s become a relatively simple matter to build a whole new site with lots of social networking capabilities.

And let’s face it, we need a site that helps us to communicate.  Imagine being able to have a discussion with every other Boulder Mensa member who wants to participate – not just those who happen to be within arm’s reach at that month’s dinner.

And… what’s that, you say?  It looks boring? Never fear.  Wordpress sites allow you to change the theme, so that we could potentially have a new look and feel to this site EVERY DAY.  (No, wait, on second thought… I’m not going to do that much work.  I have a day job.)  Suffice to say that changing the look and feel will not be an issue.  For now, just jump in and tell me what you think.  Post a comment to this article.  Friend other members.  Comment on the photos.  Start a discussion group.  Post away!