Mensa Hike, Saturday May 9th

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Suggested activity: A Mensa hike organized by Brendan Klosterman
1pm-2:30pm Shanahan Ridge trail

Starting at an access point off Lehigh Street in Boulder, the South Fork Shanahan Trail winds up into the foothills, the last 3/4 miles before it reaches the Mesa Trail offering quite a steep incline. Things then level off a bit for the 1/2 mile stretch of the Mesa Trail before gently sloping downhill on the North Fork Shanahan Trail. According to the Boulder OSMP trail maps, this particular loop runs roughly 4.2 miles.

With a loose topic of discussion: What does having high IQ scores mean in your life?

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Monday, 4/20, Ted’s Montana Grill

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WHEN?  Monday, April 20th

WHERE? Ted’s Montana Grill.  1701 Pearl St #1701r, Boulder, CO 80302. Phone: (303) 449-5546

WHAT TIME?  Socializing and drinks start at 5:30.  We’ll sit down at 6:00 and order food at 6:30.

FOOD? The first Ted’s Montana Grill opened in Columbus, Ohio, in January of 2002. Thirteen years later, every Ted’s is a proud tribute to the ingredients, meals and hospitality that define the Great American West while preserving and building the bison herds in America.

NEWS?    Tim will pass on the Exalted Skald.

BOOK EXCHANGE?  Bring books/take books – free


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Mon, Mar 23rd, The Taj

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Dinner this month is at the Taj.  NOT the Taj Mahal.  Please do not buy those emergency plane tickets you just nearly leapt for.

They’re at 2630 Baseline Rd. in Boulder.

Here’s their blurb.
Taj restaurant has delighted patrons with healthy and delicious traditional Indian Cuisine for years and the patrons have rewarded the restaurant well by making the restaurant a full, cozy and happy place to be in and by giving the ‘Best of Boulder’ honors every year since its opening in February 1996.

Yum.  Go.  Eat.  Have conversations with real people.  Experience the world.  Leave a tip.

The usual yadda yadda:
Socializing and drinks start at 5:30.  Seats at 6 and order at 6:30.  There’s that whole Exalted Skald thing.   Bring a book, leave a book.  Don’t bring your death ray – they tend to object to that sort of thing.


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Mon, Feb. 23rd, Conor O’Neill’s

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Go sit yourself down and have dinner at Boulder’s favorite traditional Irish pub.

Gather at 5:30, sit down at 6. order food at 6:30.  Here’s a map and here’s a menu.

It won’t quite be St. Patrick’s Day yet, but if someone wears this shirt I will be very happy.


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Tandoori Grill, Jan. 20th

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Note from your friendly webmaster:  I’m tired and perhaps just a bit lazy, so I’m pasting the contents of Tom’s email here verbatim.

Mensa dinner on Tuesday!


Boulder/Front Range Mensa’s monthly dinner meeting is on Tuesday.  All current and former members, plus their families and friends, are warmly welcome!

WHEN?  Tuesday, January 20th

WHERE? Tandoori Grill, 619 S Broadway, Table Mesa Shopping Center, Boulder CO, 80305.  Phone: 303-543-7339.

WHAT TIME?  Socializing and drinks start at 5:30.  We’ll sit down at 6:00 and order food at 6:30.

FOOD? A favorite Indian “dine-in or takeout” in Boulder’s South West neighborhood, Tandoori Grill is both affordable and dependable. We offer quality food and service. Time and again we provide only the highest quality of an Indian dining experience because our master chefs effortlessly combine established curry classics, with the finest of modern Indian cuisine.

NEWS?    John will pass on the Exalted Skald.

BOOK EXCHANGE?  Bring books/take books – free

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Golden Lotus, Tues Dec. 16th

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As is ever more the case these days, I’m a little late with getting this post up to let you know when and where the next dinner is.

TOMORROW!  TONIGHT! It’s tonight, Dec. 16th at 5:30 at the Golden Lotus in Boulder.

Here’s the website

Here’s the map

What more could you possibly want?

We start gathering at 5:30, sit down at 6 and order at 6:30.  We do love our routine.  Someday, though, we may just change it all up and do everything in reverse just to see who notices.

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Longmont Rib House, Mon Nov. 17

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The next Boulder/Front Range Mensa Dinner will be at the Longmont Rib House, 5:30pm, Monday, Nov. 17th.

That’s at 1920 Coffman St. Longmont CO 80504.  Phone: 303-485-6988

More than that, I do not know… except that there will be copious amounts of BBQ-sauce-dripping ribs.  It will be messy.

The usual yadda yadda:

Socializing and drinks start at 5:30.  Everybody sits their butts down at 6 and we order food at 6:30.  Bring books to share and stories to tell, and be ready to compete for the glory of being the next Exalted Skald.

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Mediterranean, Oct. 20th

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Hear ye, hear ye.  It’s time to stuff our faces again.

WHERE? The Mediterranean Restaurant.  1002 Walnut Street, Boulder CO 80302. Phone: 303.444.5335

WHAT TIME?  Socializing and drinks start at 5:30.  We’ll sit down at 6:00 and order food at 6:30.

FOOD? The Mediterranean is a casual, energetic, everyday restaurant located in the heart of downtown Boulder, Colorado. Known for our tapas and the town’s best outdoor dining, we’ve been offering exceptional food at a great value for over 20 years.

NEWS?    Peggy will pass on the Exalted Skald.

BOOK EXCHANGE?  Bring books/take books – free

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Dushanbe Tea House, Sept. 15th

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Look at me, getting a whole month’s jump on the next dinner announcement.

The next one will be on Monday, Sept. 15th at the Dushanbe Tea House in Boulder.

As per the usual yadda yadda, drinks and socializing begin at 5:30, seating at 6 and ordering at 6:30.  Someone will pass on the exalted skald, someone will tell stories about their misspent youth and someone will pass out from all the excitement.  NOTE: these predictions are not endorsed by American Mensa and in no way reflect the actual reality of future events.  Which, after all, haven’t happened yet.  Come on, people.  It’s not like I have a future-scope assembled in my living room that I built from parts that came in a mysterious package in the mail with otherworldly writing on it.  Nooooooo.  Why would you think that?

If you haven’t been to the Dushanbe Tea House, you should go.  It’s a little Boulder treasure.  As I hear tell, the whole thing was picked up and carried by hand across the ocean and half the continent from Dushanbe, India, and put down right on that spot in Boulder, which is where the workers got tired of carrying it.  Whereupon they wiped their brows and the diners peeked out the doorway at their new surroundings and said (in their native tongue) “What the **** just happened?”

I’m not sure they’re finished moving it, so be prepared for an unexpected journey, just in case.

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Southern Sun, Aug. 18th

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Hear ye, hear ye.  The next Mensa dinner will be at the Southern Sun, Monday, August 18th.

That’s at 627 S Broadway St. Boulder, CO 80305.  Here’s a map.

Socializing and drinks start at 5:30.  We’ll sit our buns down at 6:00 and order food at 6:30.

Now here’s a special note, and this is interesting:  Not only does Southern Sun only accept cash (don’t worry, they have a cash machine on site), but historically, they have always given us a single check for the entire table.

Now think about this – you get a bunch of supposed geniuses together to eat at a restaurant, and at some point, it comes time to split the check.  Oh man, it’s a spectacle.

Some people had drinks, some didn’t, some left early and left cash on the table, somebody mooched somebody else’s entree and most don’t remember what all they had by the time the evening is done and it’s time to figure out the tip.  I’m serious.  It’s Bistromath.

And the way our gatherings are growing, it’s bound to just get more entertaining every year.  So come down for some fun; we’ll do the exalted Skald thing yadda yadda, trade books and talk till we can’t stand ourselves any more.

Oh, and here’s Southern Sun’s blurb:

Southern Sun’s mission is to offer five-star service, fresh, high quality pub fare and finely crafted brews for affordable prices in an environment that’s comfortable like your living room. There will never be televisions at our pubs because we want our guests to meet and discuss the world in which we live or simply to play Scrabble.